Whether your company is looking to proactively mitigate risk, control cost, or improve revenue, Enterprise CLM (ECLM) strategy can help you achieve those objectives. What are your organization's expectations?
“Ineffective contract management costs the average company 9.2% of annual revenue.”
    This guide will explain:
  • The market forces driving this evolution of contract management;
  • Contract management challenges for all stakeholders;
  • The ECLM journey from adoption to optimization;
  • The benefits of ECLM vs. contract information siloes.
Get a competitive edge with a holistic
CLM approach.
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In the highly competitive global marketplace, wider varieties of contract types, increased government regulatory requirements, and larger numbers of stakeholders are making contract management even more crucial and complex.

Learn how ECLM can make your organization more effective and efficient.

Determine (NASDAQ: DTRM) is a global provider of SaaS enterprise contract lifecycle management, strategic sourcing, supplier management, and procure-to-pay solutions. As a recognized leader in the industry, Determine provides deep innovative capabilities in Enterprise Contract Lifecycle Management, eProcurement, eSourcing, Spend and Procurement Analysis, Supplier Information Management, Invoicing, and Catalog Management. Since 1996, Determine has helped global companies actively manage their contracts throughout the sales, procurement, and legal life cycle. Determine’s enterprise contract lifecycle management, strategic sourcing, supplier management, and procure-to-pay software solutions drive critical operational business value that effectively accelerate revenue opportunities and minimize risk through compliance. A recognized leader in the industry, our patented technology assists customers across a myriad of industries—including high-tech, telecommunications, manufacturing, healthcare, and financial services. Determine also provides a powerful configuration engine, which Fortune 500 companies use to increase revenue by facilitating the right combination of products, services, and price.
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